In the world of bowling, achieving perfection is a rare and celebrated feat. This is exactly what John Buchanan accomplished in January 11, 2017,  at Franklin Lanes, etching his name in the annals of bowling history. John’s remarkable 900 series, comprising three consecutive perfect games, is a testament to his skill and consistency over the years. John is the oldest bowler in America to ever roll a 900 series.


The Road to Perfection

John Buchanan, an unassuming yet skilled bowler, embarked on what was to be a memorable day at Franklin Lanes. With a calm demeanor and focused approach, Buchanan started his first game. Strikes started to accumulate, and as each frame passed, the anticipation grew among the spectators. By the end of the first game, Buchanan had rolled a perfect 300, setting the stage for what was to come.

Tension and Triumph

The second game saw Buchanan continuing his streak. His technique, honed through years of practice, was evident in every roll. As he closed the second game with another 300, the atmosphere in Franklin Lanes became electric. Spectators and fellow bowlers alike realized they were witnessing a potentially historic moment.

Entering the third game, the pressure was immense. Each roll was met with bated breath. Buchanan, displaying nerves of steel, continued his strike streak. Frame after frame, he remained consistent, and as he rolled the final strike, the alley erupted in cheers. Buchanan had achieved the elusive 900 series, a pinnacle of perfection in bowling.

A Rare Achievement

The 900 series is an extraordinarily rare achievement in the sport. It requires not just skill and precision but also an extraordinary level of mental fortitude. Buchanan’s accomplishment places him in an elite group of bowlers who have reached this pinnacle. His name now sits alongside the few who have managed this incredible feat.


Legacy and inspiration

John Buchanan’s 900 series at Franklin Lanes is more than just a record; it’s a source of inspiration. It serves as a reminder of the heights human skill and determination can reach. For the bowling community, Buchanan’s feat is a beacon of excellence, showcasing the extraordinary potential of the sport. His achievement will forever be remembered as a hallmark moment in the history of bowling.

As Buchanan’s story is told and retold, it will continue to inspire future generations of bowlers to strive for their own moments of perfection. His legacy is not just in the record books but in the hearts of everyone who values the persistence and dedication required to achieve greatness.


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