Franklin Lanes Corporate Parties and Events

Some of our recent corporate guests

Why choose Franklin Lanes for your next corporate event or holiday party? We’ll only provide you with 10 reasons to “spare” you!

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1. Team Building and Morale Boosting
– Encourages camaraderie and teamwork in a fun environment.
– Provides an informal setting for employees to bond and interact.
– Breaks down formal workplace barriers and hierarchy.

2. Inclusivity and Accessibility
– Suitable for participants of all ages and abilities.
– Offers a relaxed atmosphere, welcoming to both avid bowlers and beginners.
– Accessible facilities to accommodate diverse needs.

3. Stress Relief and Enjoyment
– Offers a break from the usual work environment, reducing stress.
– Fun and engaging activity that boosts employee morale.
– Promotes a healthy work-life balance.

4. Customizable Event Options
– Flexibility to tailor the event (e.g., themes, competitions).
– Various package options to suit different corporate needs and budgets.
– Options for catering, music, and other amenities to enhance the experience.

5. Networking and Social Interaction
– Facilitates networking in an informal setting.
– Encourages interaction across different departments or teams.
– Ideal for client entertaining or staff appreciation events.

6. Cost-Effectiveness
– Generally more affordable compared to other corporate event venues.
– Group rates and packages can offer significant savings.
– Includes entertainment and venue in one cost.

7. Convenient and Easy to Organize
– Bowling centers often provide full-service event coordination.
– On-site catering and bar services reduce the need for external vendors.
– Centrally located and usually easily accessible.

8. Health and Wellness
– Promotes light physical activity.
– Contributes to employee wellness initiatives.
– Encourages a balance of mental and physical engagement.

9. Brand Visibility and Corporate Image
– Opportunity to showcase company culture and values.
– Demonstrates commitment to employee well-being and engagement.
– Can be used for corporate social responsibility events if combined with a charitable cause.

10. Memorable Experience
– Creates lasting memories and stories to share back at the office.
– Offers a unique experience compared to traditional corporate events.
– Strengthens company culture and employee loyalty.

Franklin Lanes coupled with the 11th Frame Bar & Grill offers a unique, enjoyable, and beneficial experience for a corporate event, contributing positively to team dynamics, employee satisfaction, and overall company morale.



Franklin Lanes: The perfect venue for your next company outing

Fun Work Boosts Teamwork

Foster camaraderie and break down formal barriers in a relaxed setting that enhances teamwork and employee bonding

Stress Relief and Enjoyment

Step away from work and indulge in a fun activity that not only relieves stress but also promotes a healthier work-life balance

Connect and Bowl

Facilitate informal networking and encourage cross-department interaction in a setting ideal for client entertainment or staff appreciation

Affordable Team Fun

Enjoy a budget-friendly corporate event venue offering group savings and an all-inclusive entertainment experience